I have made a few versions of this great simple AVR ISP programmer.

First two versions intended for use in teaching people to etch double sided boards and to solder hole mount and large surface mount components, the surface mount version uses mostly 0805 components:

Eagle schematic, Eagle board

Eagle files: schematic, board
Schematic as: pdf, Postscript. Placement top as: pdf, Postscript. Placement bottom as: pdf, Postscript
All files above as zip.

The surface mount version above, while being pretty small, will not fit beside another USB stick in two USB ports beside each other on a laptop. For this reason i made a smaller surface mount version using 0603 and a somewhat tricky to mount QFN version of the ATMega*8:

Eagle schematic, Eagle board

After making the above smaller version i found a really cool USB memory thumb drive casing on ebay and just had to build a version that would fit inside that. This version uses 0402 and 0201 components, a DIP switch with 1.27mm division and a 6 pin header with 2mm division:

Eagle schematic, Eagle board

Software and firmware can be found on the Official USBasp page.

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